Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Three months together

It is amazing how after only three months together we can't imagine life without our beautiful daughters. Alot of work - sure. Worth every second of it - you bet. Stella and Eva are doing fabulous. They amaze us with new tricks and developments almost daily. They have captured the hearts of about three generations of family members and are thriving. The doctors told us they couldn't be more pleased with their progress. We had our first post placement visit from the social worker yesterday and she too was very well pleased. God is showering us with many blessings and these two precious ones are by far the biggest! Here are a few new photos - enjoy! Thanks for checking in. Brenda

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The Frasier Family said...

Vince and Brenda- Wow how they have grown. They truly are princesses. Petite as ever! Thank you for posting your pictures I am glad I hooked up with your BLOG. We miss you guys!

Jill and Shawn Frasier