Sunday, February 10, 2008

Long time no post - sorry

Hey all - that is if anyone attempts to check this site anymore after my 6 month absence:) The girls are great - growing and developing like crazy. They both walk, talk have lots of hair and teeth now and are more joy than we ever could have hoped for or imagined! Since my time is limited and pictures speak louder than words I will simply give you a photo show! Looks like they posted current down to that one year photo we were practicing for last August.

much love,



Cj Pangallo said...

We've been checking in weekly for the last 6 months to see updates, so THANKS! We've yet to see the girls, which just goes to show how long it's been since we've seen you both. They're getting so big and so incredibly cute! Hope all is well for the family. Maybe we'll see you before the next 6-month pictures! Much love.
- Cj & Joe Pangallo

Sarah :) said...

Hey, Brenda! I guess I haven't been on here since our baby was born....barely find the time to blog myself, much less check up on my friends (!), but today I came to your blog.....Oh, your girls are BEAUTIFUL!! And I can see the obvious joy that they bring! Praise the Lord for how He's growing them!! Still hoping that someday I can meet your Ethiopian princesses in person!